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Evicted for Life - how eviction court record information is exacerbating the housing crisis

Today the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute is releasing Evicted for Life - a new report that highlights how publicly available eviction court record information is harming tenants and exacerbating the housing crisis.

At least 1 million eviction cases have been filed in Massachusetts since 1998 and records of these eviction cases remain online forever, regardless of the outcome of the case.

Through extensive interviews and research, Evicted for Life details the increasing harm being done by the unrestricted availability of information on, the Trial Court's case management system - especially to vulnerable tenants, people of color, low-income renters, elders, and children who are named in their parents' eviction cases. The report also includes policy recommendations supported by the HOMES Act, which is currently before the Judiciary Committee.

To access the report go to Evicted for Life: How eviction records are creating a new barrier to housing