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MassHealth Advocacy Alert


We need your help at an upcoming Jan 30, 2023 public hearing about MassHealth policies for collecting “overpayments” from MassHealth beneficiaries.

Looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow for our regular 4th Tuesday SNAP Coalition meeting! 

MassHealth Prepares for End of Continuous Coverage: Launches First Phase of Redetermination Campaign
MassHealth will be renewing coverage for all of its members starting on April 1 and continuing over the next 12 months. Decisions on ongoing eligibility will be made based on these renewals. The continuous coverage protection will not be in place after March 31. It's important that MassHealth members make sure MassHealth has their current contact information.  

1.      How the declaration of a continuing COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) does and doesn’t affect MassHealth

On Jan. 11, 2023 the Secretary of HHS extended the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency by another 90 days until mid-April. 

Our next SNAP Coalition meeting will be next Tuesday, 1/24, from 10-11:30. Agenda to come.

We're still sifting through all the changes on the horizon in 2023 but wanted to pass along this news:


MassHealth Continuous Coverage Unwinding Will Begin April 1, 2023

Happy 2023. We have a set of important updates for you all, with more to come in the weeks ahead.

As 2023 winds down, I am writing to share with you that MLRI and La Colaborativa in Chelsea are teaming up (with Charles Group Consulting) to launch a 2023 Legislative and FY24 Budget Campaign to restore state-funded SNAP and TAFDC cash assistance benefits to legally present but federally-ineligible immigrants. Indeed, Massachusetts provided state-funded food and cash benefits to ineligible immigrants from 1997 through 2002 after the devasting impact of the 1996 Welfare Reform Law. But those state benefits sunset in 2022.  

We are reaching out with a lot of information - some of which is positive, and some of which will be extremely challenging for Massachusetts families in 2023.