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Law Overviews & Guides

Comprehensive guides and overviews of legal topics intended for advocates; in general, do NOT code simple fact sheets or client education materials with this term.


Adobe's Legal Department developed a Style Guide to help its lawyers write in Plain English and avoid legalese.

Parent Professional Advocacy League

A guide on transitioning to adult life for student with mental health needs.


The Autism Omnibus Bill, signed by the governor on August 6, 2014, resulted from the work of the Autism Commission.

Children's Law Center of Massachusetts

A guide to help youths who are eligible for a driver’s license, including eligible immigrant youth, navigate the RMV rules.  Guide can be

Tricia Brooks, Georgetown Health Policy Institute

Another helpful resource explaining the MAGI income methodology now being used in Massachusetts for most people under 65 in MassHealth an

Massachusetts Rural Domestic and Sexual Violence Project

This series of guides were designed to be used by advocates for survivors of domestic and sexual violence when working directly with surv

Mass Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)

Charter School Responsibilities for Students with Disabilities Who May Need an Out-of-District Program - 603 CMR 28.10(6

Mass Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)

State and federal resources and information on school discipline.

Human Rights Campaign Fund

summaries of the law, including but not limited to applicable laws on marriage, hospital visitation, second parent adoption, anti-discrim

Justice in Aging

This paper provides information about beneficiaries' rights to access transition supplies of medications when facing changes to their Med

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