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Court Decisions

Decisions issued by a court of judge.

Iris Gomez, MLRI; Gibbs, Houston & Pauw

Federal Judge Preliminarily Approves Amended Settlement Agreement in National Class Action Lawsuit on Work Authorization for Asyl

Brian Flynn, GBLS and Margaret Monsell, MLRI

Case alleged that DUA had a pattern and practice of alleging -- with no evidentiary basis whatsoever -- that claimants had misrepresented

Boston Municipal Court

Court order entered following joint motion by UI claimant and DUA for reversal of denial of UI benefits.

J. Sullivan


A Mass Appeals Court decision expands the DDS eligibility criteria for adults.  


MA Appeals Court

Janet Sanders, Superior Court Justice, Suffolk

Arise, et al v.

Mark Coven, Quincy District Court

Claimant had good cause for quitting where payroll policy violated Massachusetts wage

Zobel, District Judge
Judge Zobel summarized the case as follows: "The record paints a picture of a woman (1) who was gainfully employed for 19 years; (2) wh
Judge Mark Wolf

Judge Wolf has approved the settlement in Disability Law Center v. Massachusetts Department of Correction.

Steven J. McAuliffe, US District Judge
Client with bipolar and other MIs.
DRB reviewed and upheld ALJ (Merrill).
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