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Race Equity

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Welcome to the Race Equity Practice Area! This practice area strives to strengthen civil legal aid’s capacity and skills to advance racial justice. In this section, you can access materials related to racial justice across multiple substantive areas. You will find articles, toolkits, webinars, slides, videos, and other resources to enhance your knowledge about racial justice and to provide guidance on how to apply a racial equity lens to your work. 

Join the Race Equity Coalition! The REC promotes racial justice advocacy in Massachusetts legal service programs by:

  • sharing ideas, tools and local initiatives
  • collaborating to recognize and eliminate systemic barriers to the advancement and inclusion of Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American people from low-income households
  • engaging in work that advances racial justice. 

The Race Equity Coalition meets approximately once a month and sends out a bimonthly newsletter. You can join the mailing group by logging into Mass Legal Services, clicking “Join Email Groups” and requesting group membership to the Race Equity Coalition. 

Latest Content

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Race Equity Culture Continuum for Organizations

08/01/2020 - Race Equity Justice Institute - Just Lead Washington & Washington Race Equity & Justice Initiative - lock_open
Tool to understand where an organization’s starting point might be and illustrates the developmental stages towards committing to,... Read more

Race Equity in Legal Advocacy: Moving from Theory to Practice

11/15/2020 - Janet Chung, Advocacy Director Columbia Legal Services - lock_open
As with other civil legal aid organizations, a core part of the mission of Columbia Legal Services (CLS) is to advocate for people living... Read more

The Welfare Advocate’ s Challenge: Fighting Historic Racism in the New Welfare System

05/01/2002 - Henry A. Freedom - lock_open
Journal of Poverty Law and Policy article.