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SNAP Coalition Agenda for Tues 6/23; Updates on SNAP renewals and June Supplement

Huge thanks to the 120+ MA organizations that signed onto the national letter to the US Senate in support of SNAP and food security programs in the next COVID-19 package.  Well done SNAP Coalition!  See FRAC’s media advisory.

SNAP Coalition Meeting

Tomorrow is our next SNAP Coalition meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, June 23rd , from 10 to 11:30 AM.  The AGENDA will include:

·         DTA updates on P-EBT and SNAP policies – next SNAP supplement and other changes (see DTA updates below)

·         P-EBT and pre-schools – what’s the difference between NSLP and CACFP funding?

·         National update with FRAC – Next steps after national sign on letter and “week of action”!

·         EBT Online Purchasing – please tell us if this EBT online purchasing is working/not working for your clients and if they are getting deliveries.

·         Quick reminder re MBTA Means-Tested Discount T- Pass Challenge for community orgs. Next webinar is June 25th –Register here.  Deadline for orgs to submit proposal is July 30th

·         Discussion on “Economic Impact Payments” (EIP) and SNAP – See CBPP paper on how SNAP state agencies can connect households with the EIP and register for the 3 PM “Get it Back” Webinar tomorrow, with the Code for America, United Way WorldWide, Boston Tax Help Coalition.  

·         Mass Food Systems Collaborative upcoming “Conversation on Local Food Systems” – look out for upcoming email with more information. 

·         Local updates/reports from community partners, check in on food pantry access 


DTA updates:  

The following is based on emails DTA sent out to Outreach Partners and Advisory Board members late Friday (6/19) with various updates, including a temporary system maintenance to DTA Connect and the DTA Assistance Line over the weekend (which are now updated). 


We have summarized the core DTA updates here: 

SNAP/Cash Renewals:  DTA was granted a waiver from the USDA to postpone for 6 months SNAP Interim Reports (IRs) and Recertifications that were due in March through June. DTA also postponed TAFDC and EAEDC cash assistance reevaluations. This USDA waiver is expiring.  SNAP IRs and Recertifications and TAFDC and EAEDC Revaluations are beginning again. The first group are households who need to complete an RI or Recertification before August in order to keep their SNAP benefits uninterrupted. The DTA forms are sent 45 days before the due date. The DTA forms started going in the mail last week. 

It is critical households respond to these forms or they may not get their August SNAP benefits.  Some households may need to submit additional proofs.  Other households filing  a 
Recertification form will also need to have a phone interview with DTA (there is no interview at the point of Interim Report). 

Households can return the paperwork to DTA 1 of 3 ways:  Completing online at via their case account, US mail, or by FAX.  For more information about SNAP reevaluations, see this Question in the SNAP Advocacy Guide


SNAP Emergency Supplements:  USDA approved DTA to issue another extra, emergency SNAP benefit to bring household’s benefits up to the max amount for their household size for the month of June. This payment will be going out the first week of July. We will let you know the exact date closer to the issuance.   We have no information on any additional SNAP supplements beyond the June supplement.