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Public Housing Notice 2008-12: Wage Match for State Housing Program Tenants


This Public Housing Notice 2008-12 is a supplemental notice to Public Housing Notice 2007-01, dated
January 24, 2007. The 2007-01 Notice announced the availability of a web based system for conducting a
Wage Match for state housing program tenants, including tenants in conventional housing, MRVP and
AHVP, to local housing authorities (LHAs). All Massachusetts housing authorities and non-profit
agencies that administer state-funded housing programs must participate in this Wage Match program.
The pertinent law and regulations can be found at M.G.L. c. 62E, M.G.L. c. 66A, 760 CMR 6.00 and 801
CMR 3.00. This supplement will provide clarification for a variety of issues that have surfaced recently.

Also, note the following in the "Social Security Number" section of the notice:

LHAs shall conduct a wage match for every adult member (aged 18 and over) of the tenant household
residing in state housing programs. Tenants must be informed about the wage match program and must
authorize the use of their Social Security numbers for the program. Tenants are required by the lease to
provide their social security number, and to authorize use of their social security number by the housing
authority for verification of income and assets through DOR’s wage reporting system. Our original Notice
stated that; “Failure by a head of household or any adult (age 18 or over) household member to provide
this Agency with a social security number is grounds for termination of the household’s tenancy”. That is
incorrect. There is no requirement that applicants or tenants have a social security number to be eligible
for state housing. However, if he/she has a social security number, it must be provided. The attached letter replaces the “Sample Notice To Tenants” that was included with the original Public Housing Notice.
Please send it to all households as part of your next recertification package. The letter explains the
program and asks adult tenants to furnish their Social Security numbers. You must personalize this letter
before sending it. The letter should be placed on housing authority letterhead

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