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P-EBT Updates, Fall P-EBT and Erroneous DTA Tax Intercept Notices

To: SNAP Coalition

Fr: Vicky Negus and Pat Baker 

We are sending on Friday materials and P-EBT updates below as well as flagging an erroneous tax intercept notice that went out to SNAP households.  Please continue to let us know what you are seeing and what issues/questions you have! We hope you have a good weekend. 

P-EBT updates and messaging 

·         P-EBT materials for families now in 11 languages - visit


·         P-EBT replacement cards - DTA shared at Coalition on Tuesday that there will be a delay in getting out replacement cards to families who request one on


·         Updated data on PIN-ed cards to flag areas for outreach: Click here to view by city and town. MLRI's AmeriCorps Fellow, Aparna Raghu, is working on targeted outreach in communities with high numbers of unpinned cards, including many of the CEP districts, through local media, parent groups, and community organizations. If you are looking for support with outreach in these districts, feel free to reach out to Aparna at


·         Messaging on future of P-EBT: We have gotten a lot of questions from folks about what to tell families with questions about the future of P-EBT. The federal Continuing Resolution (CR) authorizes P-EBT through September 20, 2021 - but there is a lot we don't know yet (what flexibilities USDA will give DTA in administering, how it will work, when payments will go out, etc). Stay tuned for more! In the meantime, here is core advice to tell families with questions about P-EBT after September:

·         If your child is not physically in school due to COVID-19, it is likely they will be eligible for more P-EBT - but we do not know details yet! 

·         Save your P-EBT card for future issuances!

·         Check for the most up to date P-EBT information 

DTA tax intercept notices sent out in error 

GBLS and MLRI discovered that DTA erroneously sent out notices on 10/2/2020 to roughly 12,000 households that tell the household they are facing a tax intercept for allegedly overpaid DTA benefits. These DTA notices are a mistake and should be disregarded.  

DTA will be communicating to all these households that the notice was wrong. Please reassure your clients to not worry. Please let MLRI or your local Legal Services office know if you have questions. and

Collection of SNAP overpayments

We also want to remind Coalition members that DTA collection on SNAP overpayments in any form is still suspended as a result of COVID-19 federal waivers. If you work with any households who are getting DTA notices related to SNAP overpayments - separate from the 10/2 DTA tax intercept notices mentioned above – please also contact Vicky Negus.

Overview of DTA updates, info send to Advisory Boards 

DTA regularly sends updates to the local DTA Advisory Boards, including staffing issues, overtime, summary of federal and state policies. See attached for the October DTA updates. 

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