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OLGT 2017-96 - Absence Page Changes

Cooperation between DTA and the Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement (DOR/CSE) is a requirement for TAFDC eligibility for households where a parent is absent.  The Absence page in the Assessed Person Nonfinancials workflow in BEACON is the tool for DTA-DOR/CSE information-sharing.  Effective December 8, 2017,  these changes are being made to this page:  
  • A number of unnecessary fields are being removed. 
  • The T-A34/36 is no longer a standalone form but follows the Absent Parent Affidavit on applications and reevaluations and is now entitled the Absent Parent Information form. 
  • DOR/CSE’s concurrent access to the information on the page is the sole exchange of absent parent information between DTA and DOR/CSE, setting a greater standard for entering claims of good cause for not cooperating with child support requirements at once. IMPORTANT:  Staff must no longer mail DOR/CSE any absent parent information: T-A34/36 forms, Absent Parent Affidavits, birth certificates, etc.
The purpose of this Online Guide Transmittal is to advise staff about revisions to Online Guide pages to reflect these changes.  
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