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OLGT 2017-95 - Contribution Income and Vendor Payments


Entering income appropriately is critical to ensuring an accurate benefit calculation for all programs. To accomplish this, staff must be aware of the means in which the income is received so that it can be appropriately entered into BEACON. When someone external to the SNAP household gives the household the money to pay for all or a portion of their expenses, it is considered contribution income. When someone external to the SNAP household pays an expense directly to the vendor (landlord, utility company, etc.) it is considered a vendor payment.  In accordance with SNAP regulations 106 CMR 363.230, contribution income and vendor payment for SNAP purposes may be countable or noncountable. To assist staff with the verification process for contribution income and/or vendor payments, a new form entitled Financial Assistance form has been developed. 

This Transmittal advises staff of the new Online Guide pages for Contribution income and Vendor Payments. Additionally, it advises staff of the new Financial Assistance form.
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