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OLGT 2017-89 - Verification's Overview

Whenever a client applies, is reevaluated, or notifies DTA of, a change s/he must provide the necessary proof to be eligible for benefits. These proofs are called verifications. Verifications are the use of documentary evidence, collateral contacts, external databases, or self-declaration to establish the accuracy of client statements.  
Scheduled for December, a number of BEACON enhancements will be implemented to the verification process. Prior to these enhancements, all Online Guide sections pertaining to verifications will be consolidated into one Cross Program book. The first chapter of this Online Guide book entitled Verifications Overview is now available. 
The purpose of this Online Guide Transmittal is to: 
  • identify a new chapter in the Online Guide entitled Verifications
    • Overview which outlines requirements for staff regarding verifications. 
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