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OLGT 2017-109 - DOR/CSE Safety Concerns Team

TAFDC clients can claim good cause for not cooperating with Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement (DOR/CSE) requirements at any time. Many, but not all, good cause claims involve concerns about physical, emotional, or domestic violence risk.  
The purpose of this Transmittal is to advise staff that DOR/CSE has established a Safety Concerns Team for DTA staff to contact for help or questions regarding a client who has good cause or other safety concerns related to child support.  
Once a client’s good cause claim due to physical, emotional or DV risk is marked on the Cooperation tab of the Absence page, in answer to the question: “Is there a history/threat of DV associated with the absent parent ”, the Yes radio button must be clicked to record the client’s safety concern. 
A referral to a DV Specialist must also be made. When there is a recorded claim of good cause, whether arising from DV or any of the other varied good cause circumstances, DOR/CSE will not take any steps to establish a child support order.  
Important: No child support material is sent to DOR in this situation.
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