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NEXT Coalition Meeting - Tuesday, 11/30/2010 with FNS Regional James Arena Derosa

This is to confirm that the next Boston Food SNAP Coalition meeting is scheduled for:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
St Francis House, 39 Boylston Street in Boston, 6th Floor
10 to Noon, (and will start promptly at 10 AM).

We will be joined by FNS Regional Administrator James Arena DeRosa and other FNS NERO staff. All are welcome to attend the meeting, and to share your questions and concerns about the food stamp/SNAP program, WIC, school meals, TEFAP and other food programs under the umbrella of USDA.

The AGENDA will include:

* Introductions
* Short presentation by James Arena DeRosa on the programs under the umbrella of FNS Regional, and his role as Regional Administrator
* Discussion from Coalition members of important food/hunger issues affecting the communities you serve (this is an opportunity to share ideas, concerns, local access issues and priorities for the state and feds !)
* Update on the Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill and SNAP funding (what's going on in lame duck session)
* Update on the standard utility allowance (SUA) and waiver extension (e.g. are 100,000 SNAP households, mostly elder/disabled, really going to lose SNAP benefits?)
* Discussion on recent FNS report re low participation in free school meals (thanks to all who have emailed me on this issue)
* Update on Massachusetts SNAP policy initiatives and next steps (elder/disabled interview waiver, medical expense deduction, disabled households, and more)

Please try to arrive on time. This will be the LAST Coalition meeting for 2010, and we will gear up again in January 2011.

May you and your family and friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and a well deserved break from work, and from these emails!
In thanks for all you do to reduce hunger in Massachusetts and beyond,