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Medicaid Estate Recovery Reform Letter of Support

1. Please consider signing your organization onto this letter of support for H1246/S749 An Act Protecting The Homes Of Seniors And Disabled People On MassHealth. The letter and a fact sheet about the bill are  attached. The bill was reported favorably out of the Joint Health Care Finance Committee and is now before the House Ways and Means Committee. 
Medicaid is the only public benefit program that requires correctly paid benefits to be repaid by the deceased Medicaid beneficiary's family members through estate recovery. It is fundamentally unfair to the low income families and people with disabilities who rely on MassHealth for their health coverage. Current state law requires MassHealth to pursue estate recovery in situations where federal law would allow it to leave families in peace. This bill limits the scope of estate recovery to only what federal law requires and makes the process fairer.
To sign on please email Nomita Ganguly with your name & title and the name of your organization spelled out as you want it to appear. I've cc'd her on this email so you can just hit reply (your email won't go to anyone else on the list but Nomita & me)
2. We also want to make sure you know about the Federation for Children with Special Health Care Needs Visions of Community VIrtual Conference on Saturday March 19 --with events all this week leading up to the Conference.
3. Finally, we have  revised MLRI's Table of 2022 Upper Income Limits for MassHealth and other Health Programs. It now shows the MAGI figures rounded to two decimal places which are the actual numbers used in making eligibility determinations, and we've also attached MassHealth's reply to our record request for the actual numbers.