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Let's OFFICIALLY #Close the MA SNAP Gap! Legislative briefing/Lobby Day Tuesday Feb 11th at State House

Join us in-person or virtually to close the “SNAP Gap” and get to the heart of the matter: food access should not be a maze. 


The SNAP Gap refers to the nearly 700,000 people in Massachusetts who are enrolled in MassHealth and likely eligible for SNAP, our nation’s largest and most important anti-hunger program, but are not receiving these benefits. 


MassHealth and SNAP, as well as many other safety-net programs, currently have separate application processes that ask for similar information. This duplicates efforts and creates more work for both the state and low-income consumers. Streamlining the application process for these important programs will reduce hunger, improve health, and support the economy in our state. 


On February 11 we need you to help us make it clear that it’s time to close the SNAP Gap by passing An Act improving public health through a common application for core food, health and safety-net programs (S.678/H.1173), and funding an expansion of the SNAP Gap pilot program through the FY21 state budget. 


If joining us in person, meet us at the Massachusetts State House in Room 428 at 10:30 am to hear from legislators, advocates, and people with lived experience. You can participate in a brief advocacy training before meeting with your lawmakers and urging them to close the SNAP Gap. 


Register to join us in-person or take action virtually here

This initiative has widespread bipartisan support in the legislature with over 100 bill co-sponsors, and a coalition of more than 100 allied organizations behind it. Learn more about the SNAP Gap here and see what the SNAP Gap looks like in your community here.  (See also summary of Senate district data, attached.)