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Language Access Conference June 26 in Worcester

LANGUAGE ACCESS CONFERENCE:  Beyond Service, Toward Empowerment

Every day in Massachusetts limited English proficient (LEP) individuals face countless barriers when accessing needed public services and navigating the legal system. Changing demographics and increasingly diverse immigrant and refugee populations profoundly impact the way our state’s institutions meet the needs of our most vulnerable communities. 

This conference is call to action for advocates at community based organizations, health centers, legal services, civil rights groups, educational institutions and government agencies throughout the Commonwealth. It is THE space and time to bring the biggest and brightest minds of language access together for focused dialogue, sharing of resources, and actionable solutions towards true empowerment and change. 

Participants can expect a stimulating and inspiring keynote highlighting the 15th anniversary of Executive Order 13166, €œImproving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency,€ and a featured speaker addressing the theory and practice of language justice as a mandate of progressive community lawyering and critical piece of anti-poverty and anti-oppression work. Workshops and panels cover a wide-range of issues, from health equity to culture and race, technology tools for mapping inclusive community engagement and one mayor's response to engaging LEP residents in city life. Join us!

For information on how to register ($25 fee), conference speakers and sponsors, agenda, and location, visit the website below: