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Disaster SNAP Webinar 3/8 and Updated Standard Utility Allowance Amounts in SNAP math!

We have two quick updates.  


First, the registration link for the Disaster SNAP webinar hosted by FRAC on Tuesday, Mar 8th from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST was not working properly. The correct link is:


Second, DTA recently was approved for an increase in the Standard Utility Allowances (SUA) due to increased fuel costs.  HUGE thanks to DTA for pursuing an update of the SUA.  Attached is DTAs’ Online Guide Transmittal 2022-13, which also includes DTA’s messaging to households. We have updated all the SNAP Calculators HERE.


Below is a chart with the new SUA amounts


Standard Utility Allowances (SUAs)*





Phone Only


Bay State CAP


*Effective through September 30, 2022


File Attachment: 
PDF icon OLGT_2022-13_SUA_adjustments.pdf238.51 KB