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Chapter 688 Rules and Regulations.


Section of the Massachusetts General Laws, also known as Chapter 688, which describes the requirements to plan for services for disabled students who will no longer be eligible for special education services once they graduate or turn 22. M.G.L. ch. 71B

M.G.L. - Chapter 71b, Section 12c The General Laws of Massachusetts

A disabled person who has been receiving special education shall be eligible, subject to appropriation, upon graduation from high school or upon attaining the age of twenty-two, whichever occurs first, to receive habilitative services. The education authority which is responsible for the education of a person with a disability shall, with the consent of such person or his parent or guardian, at least two years before such person attains the age of twenty-two or at least two years before such person’s graduation, whichever first occurs, determine whether such person may need continuing habilitative services and notify the bureau of transitional planning of the name and address of such person, the record of the special education services being provided to such person, and the expected date of termination of such services.

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