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Budget Updates; Next HCWG Meeting; AGO Health Equity Report


Hello all- a few quick updates: 

1. Update on the budget: 
First, the Governor's revised H2 budget said there would be no cuts to MassHealth eligibility or services. Based on both the Senate and House budgets, we're confident that will hold true. 
The Governor's revised H2 budget and both the Senate and House budgets contain outside sections reducing the MassHealth contested estate recovery interest rate to 3.25%. 
Currently under consideration by the conference committee: 
  • The SNAP Gap amendment (#271) made it into the Senate budget, but not the House budget. 
  • The House budget restores the MassHealth adult dental program, but the Senate budget does not.   
2. Next Health Care Working Group- early December
Normally our November Health Care Working Group meeting would have been this week. However, because of the holidays, we're consolidating the November and December meetings into one meeting in early December. We'll follow up with a date and time shortly. 
3. Attorney General's report on health equity
This week the MA Attorney General's Office published a detailed report on health equity in Massachusetts. The report highlights the racial inequities amplified by COVID-19 and offers a path toward racial justice and health equity. You can read the report here. 
We look forward to seeing you at our next HCWG meeting in a couple weeks!