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Budget ALERT: Ask the MA Budget Conference Committee to adopt the Senate SNAP Gap language and the House Cash Grants Boost!

Thank you all again for your hard work on the SNAP Gap campaign and the VICTORY in the Senate on Wednesday (39-0 unanimous vote - YES!).  Please THANK Senator Sal DiDomenico, Senator Bruce Tarr, Senate President Karen Spilka and Ways and Means Chair Michael Rodriques.  This is HUGE!  The Senate completed its FY 21 budget last night (Wed eve @10:30 PM).  

It’s time to weigh in with the Budget Conference Committee.  

In addition to supporting the SNAP Gap/common application language, we are also urging the Conference Committee to support the critical cash grant increase for both TAFDC families (the cash grant for families with children) and EAEDC (the cash grant for elders and persons with disabilities).  

Please ask them to a) include the Senate SNAP Gap language and b) include the House's 10% increase to cash assistance grants in the final FY21 budget:

Sample Phone message:

My name is_____.  Significant federal nutrition dollars are on the table that low income households need to buy food. Cash assistance grants have also been frozen for many years.  I urge the Conference Committee to both include the SNAP Gap/common application language included in the Senate budget. I also include the 10% grant increase passed by the House in the final FY21 budget.  This is urgently needed to help families pay for more of their basic needs.  Thank you. 

Sample Email message:

Honorable members of the FY21 Conference Committee:  

Feeding America recently reported that Massachusetts has experienced the largest increase in food insecurity in the nation due to the COVID pandemic. Significant 100% federal nutrition dollars are sitting on the table and bring much needed economic stimulus to local communities. MA has the IT smarts to create a common application for health care and federal food benefits. I urge you to support the SNAP Gap language passed unanimously by the Senate in the final FY21 Budget. 

Additionally, the state cash assistance programs that serve families with children (TAFDC), elders and persons with disabilities (EAEDC) have been frozen for many years.  Our lowest income households were struggling before the pandemic and are having an even harder time now. The grant increase is a critical step towards lifting our residents out of poverty.  I urge the Conference Committee to include the 10% grant increase passed by the House in the final FY21 budget.   Thank you 

(your name and affiliation)

FY21 Budget Conference Committee members:

And here is a link to their social media twitter handles and FB Pages:


We anticipate that the Conference Committee will finalize the budget before Thanksgiving. Please take ACTION today, Friday, and early next week!