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Amendment to Bullying Legislation April 2014


Information on MA DESE website on legislation amending the original anti-bullying law.   Chapter 86 of the Acts of 2014, which amended G.L. c. 71, §370, the anti-bullying statute, and was signed into law on April 24, 2014. G.L. c. 71, §370, as amended, requires all school districts, charter schools, approved private day or residential schools, and collaborative schools to note  in their bullying prevention planthat certain students are more vulnerable to bullying; addresses data collection; states that parents must be notified; requires a survey.  Chapter 86 also states that the required bullying prevention plan shall apply to students and members of a school staff, including, but not limited to, educators, administrators, school nurses, cafeteria workers, custodians, bus drivers, athletic coaches, advisors to an extracurricular activity and paraprofessionals. 

The DESE webpage includes sample plans, information on reporting bullying, guidance on notifying parents if sexual orientation is a factor; background of anti-bullying legislation; and on effective practices.

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