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6 DAYS Left to Tell the Trump Administration: Don't Take Food From 755K People!

The deadline to comment on the proposed rules that would make the SNAP time limit for single adults even worse is on 4/2- Tuesday! 

Many thanks to those of you who have submitted comments. We want to share Greater Boston Food Bank's very powerful comments (attached), including stories of ABAWDs they have worked with like Robert: 

"Robert is a 23-year-old who was diagnosed with a mental health illness but unable to find a mental healthcare provider because none in his small community accepted his health insurance. Robert’s employer could only give him 10 hours a week of work. After three months in 2016, Robert’s SNAP benefits were cut because he was unable to work an average of 20 hours a week. Robert was then forced to rely on his local food pantry for food and often went without meals when that food ran out."  
What the impact of the proposed rule will be in Massachusetts;
According to data from DTA, about 50,000 people are currently protected by geographic waivers of the time limit. If the proposed rules were to go through, a large percentage of those folks would be terminated. Some would be exempt due to other reasons, but would have to go through paperwork with the state to prove that. We estimate about 35,000 people - but up to 50,000 - would lose SNAP in Massachusetts alone. The communities with the largest number of ABAWDs who could be terminated are Lawrence, Fall River, Holyoke, Springfield, and New Bedford. If 50,000 ABAWDs lose SNAP, we will lose over $95 million per year in federal SNAP nutrition dollars. The rules would also open up an untold number to harm in the future when we face economic downturns in local communities or statewide. 
NOW is the time to tell the Administration we oppose these terrible proposed rules. 
What you can do!
1. Submit comments from your organization! Click here for a short template from MLRI. Please add in unique information about your work and your experiences working with low-income adults trying to get or keep good, consistent work. Attached studies or news articles about issues in your community is helpful!
2. Encourage individuals to comment - including low income households, friends and family. See FRAC's eblast below for a link to their microsite.
Please contact Vicky with any questions (857 241 1715). Please also send us copies of your comments, we are tracking what is submitted by the anti-hunger community in MA!
Immigrant Benefits Training tomorrow 3/28 in Boston

Basic Benefits Training on Immigrants and Public Benefits from 9:30 AM – 4 PM at MCLE, 10 Winter Place, Boston.  

March 26, 2019

Only One Week Left to Comment - Submit Your Comment Today 

Food for the hungry shouldn't have a time limit. 

Act now to tell the Trump Administration that you oppose its proposed Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) rule that would take food away from 755,000 people.  The proposed rule would time limit food benefits for unemployed and underemployed people who can't document sufficient weekly work hours. They would lose their SNAP eligibility after three months.

  1. Go to to tell the Trump Administration why this proposed rule is a bad idea that would only make hunger and poverty in America far worse.  We ask that you modify the language provided in our model comment letter so that at least one-third of it reflects your own thoughts and experiences. This will ensure that each submitted comment counts as a unique comment.
  2. Click to Tweet: "Let's make some noise! I just told the Trump Administration not to take food away from 755,000 people. You can submit your comment via @fractweets' platform
  3. Forward this email to mobilize others to take action on this important issue.

The public comment period ends on April 2.


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