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09-3554 Milton Public Schools

Sara Berman, Hearing Officer

16 year old boy placed by parents at Learning Prep.  HO agreed with parents and ordered that Milton reimburse them for tuition and transportation costs.

Student had NVLD and struggled in Milton PS program.  He was evaluated by Jason McCormick who recommended a program that could provide coordinated strategies throughout the day to help student with social skills deficits.  The HO agreed that student required a program like Learning Prep to receive FAPE and that parents had provided adequate notification of unilateral placement there to Milton.  The HO noted,"If Student had been able to learn age-appropriate social skills by modeling typical peers, common sense dictates that he would have done so by tenth grade."  She found that student's "significant" and "pervasive" disabilities prevented him from succeeding academically, socially and from achieving independence.

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