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Blog Archive for January 2022

We are writing to alert you to two important briefings this week involving the federal “public charge” rule, as well as urge your support in getting more MA Members of Congress to co-sponsor the LIFT the Bar Act. 

Public charge briefings Feb 2nd and Feb 3rd:  

The Governor released his budget proposal for state fiscal year 2023 & MLRI has produced its preliminary analysis here: 
Hello all, a few quick things- details below:
1. Reminder to Sign onto MLRI's letter to CMS supporting reinstatement of 3 month retro by Feb. 3

Please support reinstating three months retroactive coverage for all MassHealth beneficiaries by signing on to our comments to CMS by Feb 3, 2022

The Medicaid statute requires state Medicaid programs, like MassHealth, to pay for health care that Medicaid-eligible people received up to three months before they completed a Medicaid application.  Since 1997 CMS has allowed MassHealth to waive three month’s retroactive coverage for most MassHealth beneficiaries under age 65. 

Hello all, 
A few brief updates: 

1. Secretary Becerra extended the COVID 19 Public Health Emergency for another 90 days from Jan 16, 2022. This is the 8th 90 day extension since the PHE was first declared in Jan 2020. 


Before the long weekend, we are excited to share some important updates and resource from USDA and USCIS that may be helpful in your SNAP and cash advocacy for the immigrant communities you serve.

USDA and USCIS issue joint letter to state on SNAP and public charge