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Blog Archive for October 2017

Replacement SNAP benefits

In light of last night's storms, we want to remind the SNAP Coalition about SNAP replacement benefits.

If a SNAP household loses food purchased with SNAP due to a power outage (of 4 hours or more) they can request replacement SNAP.

In follow up to Tuesday's SNAP Coalition, we want to flag for you a special webinar hosted by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, Tuesday, October 31st from 2-3 PM (EST). 

To REGISTER, sign up here:

URGENT: Please make 2 calls, 1 tweet or FB posting - TODAY!

As we know you know, many individuals and families cannot survive on SNAP alone.  Here is information about cash assistance benefits that your no-income/low-income clients may qualify for, and also about the campaign to end the TAFDC "family cap"policy that deprives children of important cash assistance benefits.

Important information from MassHealth on facilitating MassHealth enrollment for hurricane evacuees.

MassHealth has developed procedures to streamline the application process for these hurricane evacuees who apply for MassHealth. Here's a link to the information on MassHealth's website:

This is the latest on proposed MassHealth eligibility & benefit cuts in the second of two sets of pending 1115 amendments

1. EOHHS submitted 1115 request to CMS on 9-8-17; documents posted here:

CMS is accepting comments until OCT 20, 2017, here:

We are writing with a few updates to start the week.

1. Oct 1 SNAP Cost of Living Adjustment - updated MLRI calculators and materials

As previously shared with the Coalition, as of October 1 most SNAP households will see a change in their SNAP benefits (starting with their October SNAP)

58% of households will see roughly a $2 decrease in their SNAP. 37% of households will see roughly a $7 increase in their SNAP.