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Ten Older Adults and People Living with Disabilities are Sitting in a Room –  

They all applied for and get SNAP food stamps;

  • They all get the same amount of Social Security and pay the same amount for housing;
  • 90% of them haven’t claimed their medical deduction;
  • That’s 9 out of the 10.
  • Connie (one of the seniors) is getting $95. All the rest - 9 of the 10 - are only getting $75 in SNAP. 

What makes Connie so special? She’s got a great advocate who learned how to help her get more SNAP!

Just wanted to remind folks that SNAP replacement benefits are available to SNAP recipients who lost food that was purchased with SNAP and lost or destroyed due to the power outages or flooding triggered by Hurricane Sandy.  We have information posted on the following page of our website, /SNAP-Replacement-Benefits-Household-Misfortune  

The communication below is from our sister national organization, FRAC, honoring the life and work of George McGovern, especially his tremendous anti-hunger work.  And, lest you forget or never knew... Massachusetts had a very special place in his heart - for which we accept full blame!     

Below is the Coalition AGENDA for tomorrow, Tuesday, 10/23/12 at St Francis House in Boston (39 Boylston Street). Folks are encouraged to share what SNAP access issues you are seeing locally and with the Web Units. The Coalition is an opportunity, as always, to discuss concerns with DTA and FNS to improve the SNAP application and retention process. The agenda will include:  


Attached is a flyer for the SSI-SSDI BBT session-- a great opportunity to learn the details of these programs. 

Please share with anyone who may be interes

We've received a number of inquiries on how to calculate rental income received by SNAP households who have tenants in their, including many elders who are "empty nesters" who have rented out a portion of their homes, as well as working families who have multi-family residences or "in-law" apartments rented out. Many low income home owners have high shelter costs due to large initial mortgages, refinancing and/or home improvement loans. The combination of mortgages, real estate taxes, insurance as well as water/sewer and other costs make it hard to make ends meet. 

See information below on upcoming "Food Security and Healthy Living Conference" in Lowell, MA on Friday, October 26th from 9 AM to 2 PM (breakfast and lunch included, registration at 8:30 AM). A Registration Form is attached to this email. 

The next Basic Benefits Training on Friday, October 12th, involves the Emergency Assistance (EA) shelter services and how to assist homeless families access shelter. In addition, we are sending you information on an exciting Kip Tiernan Fellowship - flier and more information below. 

We wanted to alert you to recent press on recent Census poverty data in Massachusetts and the importance of SNAP in meeting the nutritional needs of low income households.  Please consider writing your own letter to the editor in your local community paper as well. It is imperative that SNAP and all safety-net programs be protected and supported by Congress - now more than ever!