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Blog Archive for August 2012

Just released Gallup polling shows that nearly one in five American households reported inability to afford enough food between January and June of 2012. While the Southern states such as Mississippi, Arkansas and Delaware report the worst food access (over 22% ), it is distressing to see that 14.9% of Massachusetts households surveyed reported inability to buy enough food.

We just received a copy of the "scam alert" below that was sent to all the local DTA offices yesterday.  Please take a moment to read it.
SAVE THE DATES!  MLRI is gearing up its popular 2012/2013 "Basic Benefits Training" series at Mass Continuing Legal Education in Boston. For a detailed description of each session and to Register, go to  Attached is a flier with the 11 sessions (a mere $25/session for non-profits and social services orgs). Here's the key dates:

 ■  Representing Unemployment Workers at Unemployment Insurance Hearings

We’ve recently fielded a slew of calls and emails regarding immigrant eligibility for SNAP and TAFDC.  With staffing changes at DTA local offices, as well as new advocates in community-based organizations, it's worth periodic reminders on some of the more confusing immigrant eligibility rules. Here's some pointers in Q &A format.  

1. Haitian immigrants with Temporary Protected Status (TPS).  

Don't let summer heat and inertia suspend your anti-hunger advocacy!  The Congressional Recess a GREAT time to connect with your Congressional office, local restaurant staff, share meals with family and friends and talk about everyone having a place at the table.  The third item is an update on the Farm Bill deliberations. Meanwhile, we have a couple of brief action steps:
1.  Resolution to Congress: