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Blog Archive for June 2012

The next Food SNAP Coalition meeting is Tuesday, June 26th from 10 to Noon at St Francis House in Boston.  The June agenda will include:
We have bad news and good news. Yesterday evening the U.S. Senate took up a number of SNAP related amendments in its deliberations of the Farm Bill 2012. These deliberations happened sooner than expected.

URGENT! The Senate is currently debating Farm Bill re-authorization legislation which includes the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps.  Votes on critical amendments related to SNAP are expected this afternoon. Below is more detailed information from FRAC on the Senate deliberations.

The House and Senate Conference Committee is continuing its deliberations on the FY2013 State Budget. I have been in touch with many of you on a number of these amendments (and thank you for weighing in!).
This afternoon, the US Senate voted overwhelming voted to table Senator Rand Paul’s amendment which proposed block granting the SNAP program. The final vote was 65 to 33. Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown both voted to table Paul's amendment. Please THANK THEM !  Here's the link to the Senate vote.


1) Please take action NOW to urge Senators Kerry and Brown to vote DOWN the negative SNAP amendments and continue to SUPPORT Senator Gillibrand's amendment.  BOTH Sen Kerry and Brown are on the Gillibrand amendment!  Thank them, and urge them to keep fighting! Below is the FRAC alert.

What would happen if you had $70 less to spend on groceries every month?  That's the threat that families in Massachusetts and across the country face, as the U.S. Senate begins debate this week over slashing $4 billion from SNAP (food stamps) in the 2012 Farm Bill.

Under the proposed cut, over 100,000 Massachusetts households could lose an average of $70 per month in SNAP, making it much harder for families, seniors and persons with disabilities  already struggling to put food on the table.

1.  State budget for FY 2013. A conference committee is now considering differences between the House & Senate budget for the fiscal year starting July 1. A detailed summary of the health care provisions in the two bills from MMPI, Mass Budget & MLRI is available here:

It is with great sadness we report that in just the past few days, Massachusetts has lost two amazing and beloved anti-hunger advocates:

Urgent Alert

This week, the Senate is expected to begin consideration of the Farm Bill (S. 3240). The proposal includes a $4.5 billion cut to SNAP over 10 years by reducing the ability of states to take part in the “Heat and Eat” (H-EAT) program. The cut would mean that an estimated 120, Massachusetts SNAP households could lose $70 per month in benefits. This cut disproportionately affects Massachusetts SNAP households with seniors and persons with disabilities (including disabled parents, and disabled children living in SNAP households).