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VICTORY on SNAP Gap and HIP in FY20 Budget !! SNAP Coalition Boston Agenda, July 23rd

VICTORY on SNAP Gap and HIP funding!!   Last night the MA Legislature Conference Committee wrapped up deliberations on their FY20 Conference Budget, see this AM's Boston Globe. The Conference Budget includes both language and $1M in funding for a pilot to start closing the SNAP Gap as well as the full $6.5 M in HIP ($2M more than in House 1 and in the House budget).  Huge thanks to SNAP Coalition members and and special hats off to Winton and the HIP advocacy team!  
It's not 100% over yet, however. Governor Baker needs to act on the FY 20 budget within 10 days of receipt (sign and/or veto) and we hope Governor Baker will allow these provisions to remain in the final FY20 budget.  For now, it's important to THANK members of the FY20 Conference Committee, Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Spilka.  Stay tuned for action steps, but phew!!  (The SNAP Gap Legislative Coalition has a 1 PM  conf call today)
SNAP Coalition Meeting tomorrow:  
This is our LAST (for the summer) Boston SNAP Coalition meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday from 10-Noon at St Francis House in Boston (6th Floor)  Here's the DRAFT AGENDA
  • Federal Update  including recently filed federal legislation, and update on possible "broad based cat el"  SNAP rule changes
  • State Update including highlights of FY20 Conf Report and status of pending legislation: SNAP Gap/common app, HIP, school meal debt, breakfast after bell, cliff effects
  • College student hunger update: Sen Warren legislation to expand college student SNAP access; MA community college anti-hunger trust fund, state policy changes
  • DTA SNAP policy updates  
  • Self-employment households-  check in on what you are seeing
  • Social Security and garnishment cases - check in
  • Other SNAP access issues you are seeing
  • Announcements, fall Basic Benefits Training sessions