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US Supreme Court hears latest challenge to ACA tomorrow

One week to the day after the national election, the US Supreme Court will hear the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act on Nov 10.  
Here are a few links that provide an overview of what the case is all about & the possible outcomes, what's at stake in Massachusetts & where to listen to the argument tomorrow at 11

California v Texas –US Supreme Court hears oral argument on challenge to legality of the Affordable Care Act Nov 10

Summary of what the case is all about & potential outcomes:

·         KFF Web Briefing: The California v. Texas Supreme Court Case and Its Implications for the ACA

·         Katie Keith’s  Nov 9 summary on the Health Affairs blog is here:

BCBS Foundation Report lay out what’s at stake for Massachusetts if the court were to strike down the ACA

Listen to the argument live Nov 10 at 11 am here: