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URGENT - Rep Livingstone's SNAP Gap Amendment today - 1:30 PM deadline to get your MA Rep on early; HEROES Act Resources

Movement in the SNAP Gap Campaign TODAY!

Sorry for this late notice.

Rep Jay Livingstone contacted us this AM, wants to amend the pending IT Bond Bill, H. 4708, to implement the SNAP Gap/common application portal to allow applicants for MassHealth and Medicare Savings Program to apply for SNAP at the same time.   SEE email from Rep Livingstone to all House members BELOW.

ACTION ALERT:  PLEASE contact your State Rep NOW and urge them to contact Rep Livingstone to sign onto this amendment. All amendments must be filed by 3 PM today, Rep Livingstone wants to get as much support by 1:30 PM if possible. All House members received the attached email as well.  

NOTE - the House Clerk has also advised us that they will let Members "late sign" onto Amendments on Monday through the "Quill" feature in the LAWS portal. So if you do not reach your member in the next hour, don't stop!  They can late sign on Monday.

Pat and Kate



HEROES ACT:  Statements from National Partners on the HEROES Act

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has just shared  a list of statements from national partners on the HEROES Act pending in the House right now. CBPP and FRAC are continuing to urge state and local organizations to make their own statements.  Here are some of the national statements for your reference:

 Recent Media on SNAP and the Food System

  • An op-ed from the Hill on the need for Congress to deploy the power of the US safety net –  though the piece may not fully appreciate the magnitude of the spending that already is being provided, it makes a strong case for the need to do more to respond to the challenges facing low-income people in the current crisis
  • Politico op-ed  from Tom Colicchio and Eric Kessler—How to Crisis-Proof our Food System—which lifts up how the current crisis has exposed the inequities and vulnerabilities in our food system and its impacts on low-income people.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the SNAP Gap legislation that I filed this term.  It is currently pending in Ways and Means.  The IT bond bill presents the opportunity to adopt and fund this change.
When this change is realized, the state will have a common application portal - one place - where individuals can provide the state their data once and apply simultaneously for several benefits, including SNAP.  Prior to this crisis, there were TWICE as many people receiving Mass Health benefits as SNAP benefits even though the eligibility is very similar.  This means that over 700,000 people appeared eligible for SNAP, but were not receiving it.    
I found that many constituents are receiving aid from the state for the first time and have had difficultly navigating what they may be eligible to receive.  A common application would greatly mitigate this issue.
Finally, it is important to remember that the federal government reimburses SNAP benefits 100%. 
If you would like to co-sponsor, please email my aide, Sarah Mills, who is cc'd, by 1:30 PM today.
Thanks for your support.
Best regards,
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