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updated SNAP & shutdown fliers, info & webinar on harmful USDA ABAWD proposal

Updated flier on the shutdown & SNAP 
See attached for an updated flier in English and Spanish. If households got February SNAP around 1/17, they will not get SNAP again in February. Please reassure SNAP households that they will get their March SNAP. 
If a household told DTA about a change that makes them eligible for more SNAP (such as loss of a job or increase in rent) DTA is issuing supplements for February where appropriate.  
Continue sharing stories about impact of the shutdown!
We have updated the google form you can use to share stories from your organization or from low income households. These are very important to have as we continue to face uncertainty over what will happen after February 15.  Click HERE to share a story.   
The Trump Administration is trying to cut off SNAP for more childless adults - save the date for March 4 MLRI webinar

What is going on: Federal law already has a harsh SNAP time limit (3 months of SNAP in 3 years) for unemployed and underemployed adults without kids  ("ABAWDs"). For more information on the ABAWD time limit, see this MLRI ABAWD checklist. 
Now that Congress and the Administration passed a Farm Bill without cuts to SNAP, the Trump Administration is taking a back door route to try and cut off more childless adults. By USDA’s own estimates its proposal would eliminate SNAP for an additional 755,000 adults and cut SNAP benefits on a ten year basis by $15 billion.
We know punitive work rules don't help people get jobs - they just keep food off the table. 

What you can do:
1. MLRI is doing a webinar on the proposed rule changes, their possible impact in MA, and action steps. If necessary after 2/15, we will also share an update on the impact of the shutdown on SNAP. Save the date: Monday March 4 from 2-3 PM. Details and registration to come!
2. Submit comments from your organization! In the coming days we will be sharing Massachusetts specific templates. In the meantime, here's a sample comment letter from our national partners. 
3. Encourage individuals to comment - including low income households, friends and family. Click here for FRAC's microsite for individual comments. 
Unique comments are a very powerful and important way of responding to this terrible proposed rule. The deadline to comment is April 2! Please contact Pat or Vicky with questions. 

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