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Updated SNAP Know Your Rights fliers - Foster Care and Dependent Care Deduction

MLRI is updating our Know Your Rights materials! This email includes updated materials for two SNAP areas:

1. Foster Care Families and SNAP

Low income families who provide foster care to children or to adults through the Adult Foster Care (AFC) program may be entitled to higher SNAP benefits. Families have the choice to include or exclude the foster child or AFC adult in the SNAP case. This is true even though the family and foster child or AFC adult share food together. However, the foster child or AFC adult cannot in turn get their own SNAP. 

For more information, see the attached Know Your Rights fliers. Or, click for information on Mass Legal Services for foster care families and Adult Foster Care

2. The SNAP Dependent Care Deduction

MA SNAP policy allows households to self declare the costs of child care or adult dependent care - unless the information provided by the household appears questionable. This can be done on the SNAP application form or at any time with a separate signed and dated statement. Declaring these costs can have a big impact on a family's SNAP!

For more information, see the attached Know Your Rights flier (including a sample self declaration form). Or, click here for information on Mass Legal Services.
Please let us know if you have questions!

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