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Upcoming State Budget Events; Boston SNAP Web Unit Contacts

State Budget update: At the last Food SNAP Coalition, members we briefed on federal and state budget issues. On the good news front, state FY2012 budget amendments that would have imposed onerous verification requirements on U.S. citizen and immigrant households were defeated in last week's House floor debate, as were two other anti-immigrant amendments. MLRI and its allies successfully convinced House leadership and House members that existing verification policies affecting core food, cash and health care programs are more than sufficient to confirm household eligibility and protect program integrity. Thanks to all who were able to weigh in on these initiatives. MLRI will be issuing a more detailed report on the FY2012 House budget and roll call votes soon.

Revenue update: Coalition members also mentioned that the Joint Committee on Revenue is hosting a State House hearing on May 5th in Gardner Auditorium. A number of Massachusetts organizations are working on this event, including Neighbor to Neighbor, National Association of Social Workers, SEUI, United for Justice and more.

Boston SNAP Web Unit Contacts: Separately, Boston SNAP Supervisor Jeff Sullivan, kindly sent on the attached email (with new Fax number) and contact list for the Boston Web unit. Once we receive information from the Springfield Web Unit, we will pass it on.

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Attached is a copy of the new contact info list for the Centralized SNAP Web Unit. Please notice that the only fax # that we are now using is 617-889-7842. No other numbers should be used or given to clients from now on. Please share this information with your colleagues if pertinent.

Thank you,

Jeff Sullivan, Supervisor, CEP Web Applicaton Unit. Department of Transitional Assistance,

600 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111

Phone: 617-348-8557, FAX: 617-210-5156