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Upcoming Anti-Hunger Events, SNAP Coalition Meetings and CORI training

LOTS going on this month !! 

March 12 - 15th - Witness to Hunger Events at the State House:

Child Health Watch, ABCD and Project Bread are sponsoring a wonderful event in Boston next week!! Witnesses to Hunger in Boston presents the photographs and frontline testimony of eight Boston mothers who are "witnesses to hunger" and their related experiences with issues of food, housing, health, and education. These mothers have taken over 700 photos and videos, of which 34 photographs will be on display at the Massachusetts State House from March 12-15, 2012, in Doric Hall.  This exhibit will be the Boston debut of a project created by the Center for Hunger-Free Communities at the Drexel University School of Public Health in Philadelphia. The eight Witnesses will be present to provide personal commentary on their photos. On Tuesday, March 13th there will be a panel discussion on hunger and public health.  

March 16th (Friday):  Healthy Food Access and Hunger Conversation
The Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action and Jewish Family and Children's Service is hosting a round table discussion on Friday, 16th in Boston. The purpose of the Healthy Food Access and Hunger Conversation is to engage leaders who work to provide healthy food to struggling individuals and families in a conversation about what is working in healthy food access in Greater Boston Attached is a flier describing the event and here's more information on the work of JALSA:

March 20th (Tuesday): Training on CORI: Basics of the New Law for Legal Aid and Community Service providers.
The MLRI/MCLE basic benefits training (BBT) series continues with a review of the basics of the criminal offender record information (CORI) and an overview of changes in the law that take effect on May 4, 2012. This training is March 20th from 9:30 to 12:15. Massachusetts keeps criminal offender record information, known as "CORI," on every individual who enters the states criminal court system. CORI is recorded and kept on file even if the underlying case is ultimately dismissed or the accused is found not guilty. CORI is used in screening processes by employers, landlords,and government agencies. The increased use of CORI by employers and others has resulted in more and more people with criminal records being denied employment, housing, benefits, and other opportunities for economic stability that others take for granted. This program provides "nuts and bolts" instructions on how to seal a client's criminal record. You learn how to obtain a copy of a client's CORI, read and understand it, correct errors, determine if it can be sealed, and how to seal it. This training is for legal services advocates, lawyers in private practice, social and health services workers, and community activists who want to learn or get are fresher course on the basics of CORI. 

March 27th (Tuesday):  Boston Food SNAP Coalition Meeting.
This is the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Boston Coalition and will include an update on federal Farm Bill deliberations, the outcome of the state EBT Commission, a report on SNAP "trafficking" deliberations before Congress, state policy updates on SNAP and changes in the Web Units, My Accounts Page, a discussion of SNAP outreach efforts and more. The meeting is Boston, 10 AM to Noon. St Francis House, Boston.  A more detailed agenda to follow under separate email.

March 29th (Thursday): Western Mass SNAP Coalition Meeting.

The meeting will be held from 10 AM to Noon at The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts in Hatfield. Attached is an invitational letter from Mary Loughlin, SNAP Program Coordinator of the FBWM.  Mary also reports that the meeting will include an up-to-date presentation on Farm Bill deliberations by Ellen Vollinger, Legal/Food Stamp Director at FRAC. 

Thanks to ALL of you who are sponsoring these events and who work so hard to bring an end to hunger and injustice!