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UI extension granted! Q & A and other materials for clients and social services advocates

Thanks all for a terrific meeting on Tuesday - banner attendance on a hot July day!  Thanks also to Margaret Monsell of MLRI for her presentation on the nuts and bolts of UI including how the federal Tier system and extended benefits work and what the recent federal extension means. Below is the press release from the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The UI checks for eligible persons will go out imminently !! 
Here is a link to a revised Q and A Primer on Unemployment Insurance: /node/31236 If you're particularly interested in the effect of last week's federal extension of UI, see Question 5, 6, 7 and 16.  This federal extension information updates the 2009 UI Advocacy Guide, available at (it updates the information discussed at Question 48 of the Guide). The UI Advocacy Guide is also available there, both as a PDF and an E-Book.  Here's the link: /unemploymentadvocacyguide.
If you have clients who receive UI as the sole source of income, and you want to figure out quickly if they might be eligible for Food Stamp/SNAP benefits, here is a link to is an MLRI chart with the SNAP math; /content/at-a-glance-food-stamps-snap-benefits-charts
Note: There will be NO Food SNAP Coalition meeting in August.  The next meeting is the LAST Tuesday of September.
Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development
Contact: Alison Harris, 617-626-7121
July 29, 2010
from the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development
July 29, 2010, Boston, MA - The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development announced today that claimants whose weekly claims certifications are up-to-date will be issued retroactive U.I. Extension Benefits payments beginning this Saturday, July 31st. By Wednesday, August 4th, 50,000 payments will have been issued. Claimants should be aware that it may take several days for paper checks to be received or financial institutions to process direct deposits. For the remaining claimants, outreach will continue by telephone and mailings to assist people in updating their claims and getting their payments processed. These claimants are urged to contact DUA if they are unable to be reached.
"We are pleased that Congress passed extensions for those who are still unemployed and seeking work," said Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development Joanne F. Goldstein. "Trends for jobs, the unemployment rate and unemployment insurance claims figures are encouraging signs of economic improvement for the Commonwealth which we expect will translate into jobs for those who are unemployed or under-employed. In addition to continuing efforts to create and maintain more jobs, we will continue to work hard on services, programs and safety-nets until everyone is re-employed."
Eligible individuals are being contacted by mail and telephone with instructions on how to apply for and claim these benefits. Every effort will be made to expedite any benefits due. The Commonwealth is working extended hours to help claimants who had their benefits cut off in recent weeks and encourages claimants to call 1-888-998-8418. Updates are also available at
For claimants who have exhausted all of their unemployment insurance benefits (up to 99 weeks), the new legislation will not extend additional weeks of benefits to those claimants. However, people may be eligible for assistance from other organizations and nonprofits operating across the state. For information ranging from cash assistance, child care and home energy and heating assistance, visit the "Transitional Assistance" at or try Mass211, an excellent resource for jobs-seekers.