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Today's Boston Globe Editorial on SNAP cuts; Chart on the SNAP proposals; Lift the Kids pro/con - Please VOTE!

With so much going on at the federal level in SNAPland, it is hard to keep up. As our colleague Ellen Vollinger of FRAC often says: It’s more than a sprint, it’s a Marathon – but hang in there!

Status of SNAP proposed rules: 

First, huge thanks to everyone for the terrific media generated in opposition and especially today's Boston Globe: Trump’s holiday gift: Cutting off help to the poor- Curbing federal food stamps will only exacerbate poverty, and cost Americans in other ways  If you are a Globe subscriber, please your comments. If you tweet or use Facebook, please amplify in social media with hashtag #HandsOffSNAP   Here's also a terrific 12/10/19 article in the Atlantic, The Ripple Effects of Taking SNAP Benefits From One Person. 

Second, attached is a chart that summarizes the three federal SNAP cuts, one issued in final form on December 5th and two other rules still pending.  We've gotten a lot of questions about the three rules. Here's what you need to know:

  • The SNAP ABAWD rule is NOT in effect until April 1st, and even then, there are many exemptions.  It also does NOT affect college students age 18-50 if they are otherwise SNAP eligible as students. 
  • The "broad based cat el" rules that lower the gross income test and impose an asset are STILL draft, NOT in effect. Nor are the proposed changes to the SNAP shelter/utility cost (SUA) provision. 
  • States are likely to file litigation to stop the Trump Admin SNAP rules because, among other arguments, many lawyers believe the rules violate both Congressional intent and federal rulemaking requirements.  Stay tuned.  

Lift the Kids Campaign, an opportunity to cast your vote!

A piece by Rep. Donato supporting Lift Kids Out of Deep Poverty was posted 12/13/19 in the Boston Globe online.  It is the "Argument" feature of the Globe which records votes for and against an issue - this time lifting kids out of poverty in Massachusetts. Please cast your VOTE!  

Upcoming Basic Benefits Trainings at Mass Continuing Legal Education:

·         Tenant's Rights, Jan 21st, daylong - description and register HERE  

·         SNAP/Food Stamps 101 Advocacy, Feb 5th AM - description and register HERE.

·         Utilities: Advocacy for Low Income Households, Feb 5th PM - Description and register HERE

NO Boston SNAP Coalition meeting next week. 

We traditionally skip SNAP Coalition the week of Christmas, Chanukah and New Years. Next SNAP Coalition in 2020 is January 28th.