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Tell Your Rep: Vote NO Thursday on House Budget Cuts to SNAP, Medicaid, Housing and More

Take NOTHING for granted. The Massachusetts Delegation needs to hear from all constituents about how irresponsible and outrageous the House Budget proposal is. It is ESSENTIAL that they hear from as many constituents as possible urging them to vote NO on Thursday (tomorrow), and also call or email again to THANK them after the vote. You can sent an email note, below, or call your Congress person's local or DC office directly.

And if you have family and friends in other states who care about basic human needs, now is the time to reach out to them too! (Remember all those free family and friends minutes on your cell - USE THEM !!)


On Thursday, the U.S. House will vote on a grossly irresponsible budget with priorities that are upside down and backwards. 

Please send a note to your Rep to tell him or her to VOTE NO.

Here's why you must speak out:

We have been working together to support federal budgets that protect low-income people, create jobs, and support services responsibly through revenue increases for upper-income individuals and profitable corporations and through military savings.

Here is what the upside-down/backwards House Budget Committee proposal does:

Protect low-income people?  NO - instead, slashes almost every service:  Medicaid, SNAP/food stamps, education, housing, child care, and more.  By 2022, Medicaid would be cut by one-third.  By 2050, there will be no funding at all for nearly everything in government except shredded health programs, Social Security, and the military.  We are not exaggerating.  (More info)

Create jobs?  NO - in education alone, tens of thousands of jobs will be lost, and denying assistance to millions of people will stop the economy in its tracks.

Raise revenues fairly?  NO - massive new tax cuts of $4.6 trillion over 10 years, overwhelmingly benefiting people at the top (millionaires would average a yearly $187,000 tax break) - on top of continuing all the existing tax breaks.

Make military savings?  NO - actually increases military spending.

If these are not your priorities, please send the email!

And support something positive:  urge your representative to vote FOR alternatives, such as the President's budget and the the Congressional Progressive Caucus plan, that get their priorities straight.

For more info, please see CHN's SAVE for All page (Strengthening America's Values and Economy for All)


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