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Technical Assistance Advisory Assistive and Alternative Communication 2018-3


Advisory on Assistive and Alternative Communication (AAC) includes many AAc resources.  Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is a form of assistive technology that can help students with disabilities that impede their ability to communicate to meet their education goals and participate fully alongside their nondisabled peers in all aspects of their education. This memo is a reminder to IEP Team members and other district staff to consider how AAC may be used, consistent with law and best practices, to serve students with disabilities who are unable to communicate effectively using oral speech. As explained more fully below, districts should be prepared to promptly refer such students for an AAC evaluation; ensure the provision of AAC aids, devices, and services appropriate to the students' needs; and arrange for students, family members, relevant school staff, or others substantially involved in the major life functions of the child to receive AAC training, if needed.

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