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Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Deeming

12/11/2018 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
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Deeming is when the income or resources of someone who is not eligible for SSI are considered available to the person applying for SSI. For example, an individual's SSI benefit might be offset by the income of their ineligible spouse. The deeming process is complicated and can lead to errors. When the Social Security Administration denies or reduces a person's SSI benefit due to incorrectly deeming income or resources from others, it is important to understand how deeming works and how to address problems.

Participants in this free webinar, SSI Deeming, will learn about when deeming applies, what income and resources are considered to be available to an SSI recipient, the basics of the deeming calculation, and how to address commonly encountered problems.

Closed captioning will be available on this webinar. A link with access to the captions will be shared through GoToWebinar’s chat box shortly before the webinar start time

Presenters:   Tracey Gronniger, Directing Attorney, Justice in Aging Trinh Phan, Senior Staff Attorney, Justice in Aging 

NOTE: This training will be presented in a WEBCAST format to accommodate more participants. Due to the high volume of participants, computer audio will be the only option to listen to the presentation. No telephone call-in number will be provided. Please plan accordingly. Thank you.

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