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Student Health Insurance

The Health Connector has put out some helpful guidance on the Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) and subsidized health insurance.

College students are generally required to purchase a health insurance plan from the school but this requirement may be waived by the school if the student has "comparable coverage" from another source. Under rules that took effect on Jan. 1, 2014, subsidized insurance through the Connector including Commonwealth Care, ConnectorCare or Network Health Extend count as comparable coverage. Also, all MassHealth programs (except Limited) count as comparable coverage including the MassHealth Standard that people are getting as Temporary Coverage (also known as AA).

Attached are 3 documents on Student Health Insurance written by the Connector.

-A flyer on student health insurance and national health reform

-A memo reminding colleges and universities what subsidized programs now count as comparable coverage

-An Administrative Bulletin with more information on required SHIP benefits, comparable coverage waivers, and prorated premium refunds

The Connector also has a set of frequently asked questions about student health coverage on its website: (click on the "Apply" box & go to the "Policy Center")