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SNAP, the shutdown "suspension," and what we know about February and beyond

On Friday, President Trump signed a bill to reopen - for three weeks - USDA and other parts of the federal government partially shut down since late December. The deal gives the Administration and Congress until February 15 to negotiate a longer term funding deal for FY 2019.  

What does this mean for SNAP? 
Currently, everything is business as normal at DTA. If the shutdown resumes after February 15th, SNAP will still be funded for March. If the shutdown resumes and continues into March, April benefits may need to be issued early (similar to the procedures used for February’s SNAP). However, a lot is unknown about how USDA and states will handle issuance after March should the shutdown proceed. We will keep you updated. 
Action steps:
  • continue reassuring SNAP households that the SNAP on their EBT cards will stay there until they decide to use it
  • remind households that if they got SNAP early, they will not get another payment in February
  • connect households seeking emergency food resources with the Project Bread Food Source Hotline (1-800-645-8333) or by using the 2-1-1 HelpSteps app
For the most up to date information on the shutdown and its residual impact on core assistance programs, see
MLRI 2019 SNAP Advocacy Guide & TAFDC Advocacy Guide
A PDF version of the 2019 SNAP Advocacy Guide is now posted here. The Guide is an extensive resource to help answer any (hopefully all!) of your SNAP questions. If you have feedback on the Guide, we would love to hear it! We will soon be posting the Guide online in a format that is easier to navigate than the PDF, stay tuned. 
The December 2018 TAFDC Advocacy Guide is now posted online HERE in an easy to navigate format. 
Don't forget to call your legislators to co-sponsor the SNAP Gap bill!

We need your help getting co-sponsors by Friday on the SNAP Gap/Common App legislation. Please call your member TODAY and them to co-sponsor "An Act improving public health through a common application for core food, health and safety-net programs." The House and Senate bills are identical.  

For more information including a fact sheet, go to:

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