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SNAP Gap updates: House Budget Redux AARP news article, Upcoming Bill Hearing and Kids Count Initiative

We've got some updates on the House Budget, upcoming bill hearing and a LOVELY article by AARP Massachusetts.

House FY18 Budget Update SNAP Gap:

The House of Representatives completed its FY18 budget update late last night. We are pleased to tell you that the House included language in MassHealth (line item 4000-0300) that requires EOHHS to report to Administration and Finance and Ways and Means by January 1, 2018 on the feasibility of creating a common application that will enable MassHealth recipients to apply for SNAP and other DTA benefits at the same time! The House did not include specific funding for IT or admin costs. (The final budget is not yet posted on the Mass General Court website). Nonetheless, we consider this a victory in a tough budget year and great first step! 

Big thanks to Representatives Jay Livingstone and Kay Khan for leading Amendment #31. We had a total of 79 cosponsors overall.  THANK YOU for all your efforts. Please thank your House members who joined in the campaign.

And, our good friends at AARP Massachusetts released a terrific article yesterday in their 50 Plus Advocate Newsletter on "Closing the SNAP Gap." See:  Thank you Mike !!

In terms of the FY18 budget, onto the Senate!

May 2nd at the State House Kids Count Initiative and SNAP Gap Bill Hearing !

May 2nd from 10-11 AM:  Senator President Stan Rosenberg and Senator Sal DiDomenico are releasing the Kids Count Initiative on Tuesday, May 2nd.  The event will be in the State House, at the Grand Staircase (2nd Floor, behind the Hall of Flags) starting at 10 AM.  

May 2nd starting at 11 AM: The Health Care Financing Committee is also hosting a Hearing on a number of bills including the SNAP Gap/Common App - Senate Bill 612. The hearing is scheduled for Room B-1. The Committee will be accepting both written and oral testimony on a wide range of bills.  We strongly encourage all SNAP Coalition Members to submit written testimony in support of Senate Bill 612. 

If you can come to the State House and wish to testify in person on May 2nd, let us know and we can advise you on signing up.

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