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SNAP gap campaign update, DTA's updated interim report/recert & disability accommodation notices

Happy end to a rainy May!  Here are some updates on important issues we’ve been tracking.

SNAP Gap Campaign update:  

Huge thanks to all the individuals and organizations that showed up Tuesday AM at the State House to testify before the Health Care Finance Committee.  Great turnout, powerful testimony. See State House News Service article in the Taunton Daily Gazette. And, hot off the press, the Economic Research Service just released a report on the impact of SNAP in rural communities, noting that every $10 in SNAP spent in rural American creates .4 jobs.

Next Steps:  The SNAP Gap Campaign will be focusing on two levels:  1) urging the FY20 Conference Committee to adopt the Senate budget language and funding, and 2) urging the Health Care Finance Committee to report favorably on the legislation. Once the Conference Committee is appointed, we will let you know the action steps on the budget. For now:

  • Please thank all the members who have supported closing the SNAP Gap through LTEs and social media!  
  • Submit written testimony if you did not have the chance to do so. The Committee will accept testimony until the bill is reported out of Executive Session. If you need help, contact Pat Baker:
  • The SNAP Gap Coalition is meeting on Tuesday, April 4th at 2:30 PM. If you are not on that list but want to participate in person or by conference call, contact Pat Baker. 
DTA's Revised Interim Report and Recertification Forms
DTA's Ashley Carleton gave a fantastic presentation at Tuesday's Boston SNAP Coalition meeting on the significantly improved Interim Report and Recertification Forms, including the option for clients to complete the form entirely online through! Copies of the revised forms are attached - please note that these are for reference only, and that clients should fill out the personalized paperwork they are sent by DTA. For more information on these changes, see our eblast from April here. 
MLRI and members of the SNAP Coalition provided extensive recommendations on these changes, and we are thrilled with the result!! Please let Vicky Negus ( know if you or your clients have feedback or issues. 
DTA's revised notice to SNAP households who need a disability accommodation

With much input from our colleagues at Greater Boston Legal Services, DTA has also greatly improved the notice sent to households who have an accommodation (called an "ADA-1"). The goal was to try to make more clear what steps the client and/or DTA need to make to comply with an accommodation. The revised notice is attached. 



Some clients with an existing accommodation will get this new notice in the mail, even though there hasn't been a change to their actual accommodation. If you or clients have questions or concerns about accommodations and DTA, please contact Lizbeth Ginsburg and Sarah Levy at GBLS: 

For more information on disability accommodations and SNAP, see this portion of the SNAP Advocacy Guide. 

Free Legal Help in Greater Boston: 

See attached flier from Northeastern University Law School’s Poverty Law Clinic Professor Jim Rowan letting Coalition members know that their law school students can provide free legal representation on a range of issues. This is in addition to free legal services at Greater Boston Legal Services and other legal clinics around the state. For additional information on legal aid resources, visit

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