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SNAP Coalition Zoom call info for tomorrow, Sept 1!

It is hard to believe tomorrow is September 1! We will have a SNAP Coalition Zoom meeting tomorrow, 9/1 at 10 AM. We plan to have an hour long call, but announcements may take a few additional minutes. The agenda will include:
  • Federal update - action steps on a coronavirus package to #BoostSNAPnow, info on child nutrition / school meal waivers, etc. 
  • DTA updates -- including P-EBT, the emergency supplement going out this week, auto replacement for a percentage of SNAP benefits for ~7,500 households impacted by storm Isaias, what is to come in the fall in terms of SNAP flexibilities, discussion of what DTA has seen in August in terms of volume/applications, and issues you are seeing!
  • Overview / impact of the $300/week Lost Wages Assistance 
  • College students: We'd like to hear what you are hearing about college students and food insecurity during COVID, especially as so many colleges are going remote. In addition, please flag any cases where students have been told to return certain DTA forms signed by college administors including the CCE-1 (community college), EDUC-1 (financial aid)  or ESP-7 (TAFDC participation). This should not be happening!   
As always, please let Pat or Vicky know if you have additional items you would like to discuss, and what issues you are seeing in your work.