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SNAP Coalition Meeting TOMORROW - Tuesday, July 24th - AGENDA

This is a brief reminder that the Boston Food SNAP Coalition meeting is  TOMORROW - Tuesday, July 24th from 10 to Noon at St Francis House in Boston. Again, this will be the last Coalition meeting until the 4th Tuesday in September (Sept 25th).

The Coalition AGENDA will include:
*  Update on the 2012 Farm Bill in Congress: Ellen Vollinger of FRAC will be joining the meeting by speaker phone for this update.
*  Update on final FY2013 state budget including DTA admin funding of staff and EBT restrictions 
*  DTA's Voter Registration outreach efforts through July and August
*  FNS proposed regulations on EBT replacement cards
*  SNAP policy updates including improvements to client missed interview notice; transfer of file from Web Unit to local office; DTA follow up phone calls; changes in verification policies (and more!!)
*  SNAP outreach strategies to reach key populations (elders in Western Mass, community college students at Bunker Hill CC in Boston, working households)
*  Update on school meals - status of NSLP direct certification pilot of kids in SNAP and TANF households; outreach to "zero benefit" SNAP households; outreach to foster children 
Please let me know if you have additional items for the agenda.