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SNAP Coalition Meeting 7/25 Agenda; Research on SNAP and Elders; DTA Guidance on Self-Declarations


July 25th SNAP Coalition Meeting:

The next (and last for the summer) Meeting is Tuesday, July 25th  from 10 to Noon at St Francis House in Boston, 39 Boylston Street Boston.  The AGENDA will include:

  • Federal Budget: discussion of House Budget Committee mark up of the FFY 18 Budget Resolution to cut federal entitlement programs including SNAP and Child Nutrition, discussion of action steps from Massachusetts. See FRAC media statement with details of possible cuts.

  • HR 1276: We have FIVE of 9 MA MOCs on Rep Alma Adams "Meal Gap" bill - strategies to get Congress Members Neal, Tsongas, Capuano and Lynch to join in 

  • State FY18 Budget Update: SNAP Gap/Common App language, Food Trust, HIP, and vetoes of Gov Baker on key programs including TAFDC and MEFAP.

  • State Legislation Updates: on SNAP Gap/Common App, Breakfast after the Bell, other bills

  • DTA Policy Updates: including roll out of Elder SNAP Unit,  July DTA Assistance Line (yes, the call wait time went up the week of July 4th), other DTA updates

  • SNAP for college students: strategies for working with your local community colleges and state schools to help eligible students qualify for SNAP.

  • School meal debt:  With the help of a volunteer, MLRI is tracking school meal debt collection policies and "shaming" practices around the state. Schools should have updated their school meal debt policies as of July 1st. Please let us know what you are seeing.

  • Other SNAP, school nutrition updates and announcements: Let us know if you have other agenda items.

SNAP reduces health care costs for older adults:

This is a powerful research report conducted by John Hopkins University and Benefits Date Trust with the State of Maryland documenting how access to SNAP reduces health care costs among older adults. 

DTA Policy Guidance on Self-Declarations: 

Attached is DTA's most recent Operations Bulletin 2017-7 that clarifies that if a household writes down the amount of their rent on their application or other form (interim report or recert), that is sufficient to verify shelter costs. The household does NOT need to also submit a rent receipt (unless the information is questionable.) 


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