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SNAP Categorical Eligibility comments - due Sept 23! MA specific template and other resources

We are following up to provide additional resources and action steps on the Trump Administration's cruel proposed rule that would terminate SNAP for 3.1 million people across the country by gutting "categorical eligibility."
MLRI, Central West Justice Center, and the Worcester County Food Bank hosted 2 webinars to explain what the harmful USDA proposed rule gutting categorical eligibility would mean (Many thanks to CW Justice and WCFB for their work on this issue!). A copy of the powerpoint is attached, and you can click here to listen to a recording of the webinar on YouTube. 
Here are some important additional resources - including a MA specific template - to support your comment writing:
Other actions you can take:
1. Look to see if your Mayor signed onto a letter from 70+ Mayors across the country opposing the proposed rule. Thank mayors who have signed on, ask other mayors to do so, and urge all mayors to submit individual comments to USDA.
2. Send a copy of your comments to your members of Congress and to your State Representative and Senator - urge legislators to weigh in with their own individual comments!
3. Engage individuals you work with to submit comments, including by hand writing notes - which can be typed up and sent in at here, or at
4. Write a Letter to the Editor in your local paper. For example, Dianne Mann of Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry in Worcester wrote a powerful Letter to the Editor in the Worcester Telegram
44,000 comments have already been filed. Let's keep it up! The more unique to your community, the better! The deadline to comment is September 23!!
Please let Pat or Vicky know if you have questions or need additional information/support for your comments.