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SNAP and Disability Tweet Chat, Wed 6/21 at 1 PM EST; More press on impact of potential SNAP cuts to Massachusetts

Recent press on impact of federal SNAP cuts on Massachusetts:

In case you missed it, here is some very recent press on the potential impact of the President's proposed cuts to SNAP on the Commonwealth and the nation.

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SNAP and Disability Tweet Chat, tomorrow June 21st at 1 PM:

Please join FRAC, the Center on Budget and anti-hunger advocates across the country for a SNAP and Disability Tweet Chat. Use the hashtag #ThisIsSNAP See alert below.

Here's the powerful detailed CBPP report of 6/14/17, SNAP Provides Needed Food Assistance to Millions of People with Disabilities, with specific data by state. For example, over 30% of SNAP households in Massachusetts have a non-elderly member with severe disabilities (e.g. SSI level of disability), almost 270K out of 760K individual recipients in March of 2017. For the most recent info on the MA Caseload, see DTA's June 2017 Scorecard.

Coalition Meeting Reminders: 

Western Mass SNAP Coalition: Friday, June 23rd at the Food Bank of Western MA in Hatfield, 10 to Noon 

Boston SNAP Coalition meeting: Tuesday, June 27th at St Francis House, 39 Boylston Stret in Boston, 10 to Noon

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