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Sign on letter TODAY--telephone & internet access for our clients & patients

Dear Health Care Providers & Advocates:


Many of our low-income clients and patients have telephone & internet service through Lifeline. You may have heard them talk about "government phones" or "Obama phones" and probably heard their worries about running out of minutes. Today with both government offices and social services agencies closed to walk-ins, the importance of calling 1st before seeking medical care & the big push to switch as much care as possible to telephone & telehealth--connection is a public health issue. Please sign this letter to the FCC on behalf of your organization & pass it on!


Please sign on to this letter to support emergency increases in the Lifeline benefit.  Sign on to this letter at this form ONLY.


Lifeline is a program that offers subsidies to low income households so that they can obtain access to telephone and Internet services. Given the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis and the need for access to affordable telephone and internet service, public interest organizations are sending this letter tomorrow requesting the Federal Communications Commission:

1) immediately prohibit disconnections of Lifeline consumers; 2) require Lifeline providers to offer unlimited voice minutes and unlimited texting; and 3) create an emergency Lifeline enhanced broadband benefit.


The sign on letter is for ORGANIZATIONS. The text of the letter is  available here.


The deadline for signing is Friday March 20, 2020 by 3pm eastern. If you have questions, contact Cheryl Leanza of the United Church of Christ at 202-904-2168 or